Dory Trip on Idaho’s Main Salmon “River of No Return”

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In the middle of the lower 48’s largest wilderness area, Idaho’s Main Salmon River is Idaho’s best-kept secret.

Dubbed the “River of No Return” by early prospectors, the Main Salmon River courses through the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness, packed with beautiful mountain scenery, exciting rapids and big sandy beaches. A dory trip is a unique way to experience this Wild & Scenic river with boat options that also include inflatable kayaks and stand up paddleboards.

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  • Char Seawell

    We can attest to the magic and wonder of being in a dory on this river. In fact, we have a new album coming out of songs written from our experiences and one is specially written for being on a dory. The experience haunts me still.

  • Marilyn Swanson

    There’s a wonderful true story about dorys on the Colorado River titled The Emerald Mile, by Kevin Fedarko. The book gives good history of dorys and details the fastest ride in history, in a dory, through the hear of the Grand Canyon.

    • Cari_Morgan

      Yes, one of our favorites! Kevin Fedarko used to row for us in the Grand Canyon.

  • Robin Wolfe

    Wow – would love to experience such a remarkable trip