A Thank You Note From Your River Guide

A Thank You Note From Your River Guide

Dear Rafters,

Thank you.

We say it on every trip, every time we marvel at how incredibly wonderful it is to have our job, one in which we breathe clean stream air in bedrock valleys and desert canyons.

Thank you.

We say it every week as we get to propel our boats through slots and hydraulics, challenging ourselves in changing velocity.

Thank you.

We say it even when we are doing seemingly trite chores around camp, because it’s in the mundane where river magic is created.

Thank you.

We say it when we get to share our favorite places with you; when we get to peel back the layers of tiredness and grime and show you why these rivers matter and how these waters have captivated our hearts.

We know our career paths are not the most typical, our clothes not the sharpest, our bank accounts not the highest. Because of you, though, we get to spend our days twirling down streams and immersing ourselves in the river community you help create.

We know you have saved and planned and prepared to join us on the water. We know it’s scary – our hearts still pound as we perch on rock outcrops and look into the turbulence.

We know how hard it can be to change your routine, especially in an unfamiliar place.

It can all be so overwhelming; this we know.

So thank you for trusting us. Thank you for sharing your time with us. Thank you for joining us.

We would not be here if it were not for you. The sparkle in your eyes when we hand you the oars, the glint of glee you get when playing beach games, the quiet understanding you embody when you sit on the beach taking in the sunrise: these are the moments of meaning. These are the moments that energize and embolden us when we face another winter, another season off the water and all those days when we question if we are enough.

Thank you.

Your River Guide


  • Elin

    Thanks OARS. My river trip was amazing. Best wishes to all of the wonderful guides who helped make it that way, and who I hope never question whether they are enough. They are way more than that.

  • Greg Morgus

    Nice article, and say to you and all river guides, “You’re welcome, and thank YOU for such a wonderful trip. In 2015 I did a Dory trip through the Grand Canyon. Roger, Cindell, Duffy and Ryan Dale were at the oars of the dories, Mariah, Elliot. Alisia were in the support rafts, Karl and Mary Lynn finished the crew. I would do the same trip again if only I could. I wanted to go since I was ten and it only took some 55 years to get there. OARS guides are outstanding and treated us like special guests every stroke and step of the way.

    You all take us special places, and I think you are all pretty special people.

    Greg Morgus

  • Will

    Oars – Please know that there is nothing and no one that makes your trips as special as your guides – they are amazing people…

  • Michael Cohen

    You don’t have to get all tears and thank yous! Let’s do it again soon.

  • revloc

    I’m thankful that a company like OARS exists.

  • SarahK

    Thank you for the great trip we took this summer on the San Juan. The river was low , but we made the best of it. Glow sticks for a fire circle because of the fire ban and shadow dancing on the cliff side was the highlight of our trip. Dave, Mike and Annabelle rock!