11 Instagram Feeds to Follow if You Love the Outdoors

If you’ve got a non-stop desire to be outdoors, then Instagram is a dangerous place for you. With talented adventure photographers and inspiring brands throwing out constant wilderness beauty, a quick peek at your feed can easily turn into an hour-long wanderlust session. And if you ask us, these profiles are among some of the most enticing (follow at your own risk)…

Chris Burkard: @chrisburkard 

Photo: Chris Burkard on Instagram

Professional photographer Chris Burkard is a senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, but often contributes to Outside, National Geographic Adventure and brands like Patagonia. And when it comes to Instagram, Burkard’s incredible landscapes in remote destinations will spark your desire to get outside.


Pete McBride: @pedromcbride 

Nankoweap | Photo: Pete McBride

If you love rivers as much as we do then photographer, filmmaker and National Geographic Freshwater Hero Pete McBride is worth the follow. Not only does he share stunning images of waterways around the world, but you never know where this National Geographic explorer will take you next.


Bradley Castaneda: @bradleycastaneda 

Photo: Bradley Castenada on Instagram

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, designer and photographer Bradley Castaneda takes followers on regional adventures and beyond. His Instagram feed will inspire you to get outside and go.


Travis Burke Photography: @travisburkephotography  

Travis Burke on Instagram

With sponsors like GoPro, ClifBar and GoalZero you can be guaranteed that photographer Travis Burke will take you on some amazing adventures with his photos.  He’s currently on a year-long road-trip, inspiring people with photos from Zion National Park to the Canadian Rockies.


Wilderness Culture: @wilderness_culture 

WildernessCulture Photo: calsnape

Wilderness Culture is not a single photographer, rather a collaboration of incredible outdoor shots from around Instagram with the single goal of reawakening people’s passion for the wilderness each and every day. Anyone can share their adventures by tagging #willdernessculture. The photo above is by @calsnape.


Tim Kemple: @timkemple 

Tim Kemple on Instagram

Instead of featuring @camp4collective (also very much worth following), we thought we’d highlight its founding director and photographer, Tim Kemple, whose personal work features adventurers from all backgrounds in some of the greatest landscapes on the planet.


Andy Best: @andy_best 

Andy Best on Instagram

From star-filled nightscapes to the wildest mountains, cinematographer and photographer Andy Best has one thing in mind—adventure.  Let his photos inspire your next journey.


The Clymb: @theclymb 


The Clymb’s Instagram feed is all about their motto of, “inspiring human-powered adventure.” And by tapping into their community of outdoor enthusiasts by asking people to share their #ClymbLife photos, the company has a never-ending pool of alluring wilderness imagery…like the shot above from @_jt_photo.


Cody Hanson: @codyhanson_ 

Cody Hanson on Instagram

By the epic landscape shots and overall outdoorsy vibe of his Instagram feed, you would never guess that Cody Hanson is a fashion and beauty photographer based out of Southern California. And while he’s no doubt fantastic at his day job, it’s his love for shooting the wilderness that we keep coming back for.


Native Eyewear: @nativeeyewear 

Native Eyewear on Instagram

It’s definitely not all about product placement on Native Eyewear’s Instagram feed. Instead, it’s about the active, outdoor lifestyle we all strive for—or as they like to call it, the #NativeLifestyle.


Forest Woodward: @forestwoodward 

Photographer Forest Woodward

Climber, surfer and professional photographer Forest Woodward gets around, and according to him, he has a strong desire to bring you with. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the world’s tallest peaks, you won’t be disappointed by the adventures Woodward will take you on in his feed.


 All photos are by their respective photographers unless otherwise noted. O.A.R.S. is on Instagram at @oars_rafting. For a chance to be featured tag your trip photos with #OARSLIFE.


  • Jared

    I follow all of these guys- so good!!!! If you want to see someone aspiring to be on this list, check me out too! @GondwanaEcotours

    • Cari_Morgan

      Yeah, these folks get us pretty inspired! We’ll check yours out as well!

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    These are all amazing! Here’s another for you to follow: @Hobo_Hammocks

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  • Adventure Culture

    Thanks for sharing all these Cari!

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    I love Wilderness Culture! Thanks for the great list. One of my favorites is also @briskoutdoors

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    These are all great! Check out @just_exploremiore

  • Andrew Marcia

    Id love if you checked out my instagram. andywilmar

  • Meg Penguin

    I work for a local outdoor retailer called Fishbone Apparel and I see some of the accounts we follow on this list! Great choices! @fishboneapparel

  • Aaron Hughes

    Really nice post. I follow all these guys. You should also check out a new brand called @boobyshoes on Insta. They are doing some amazing habitat stuff. For every pair of shoes you buy, they protect 1,000 square feet of endangered habitat around the world. I think they are launching later this year or early next year… Pretty cool concept.

  • Bill Smith

    I would also check out @arctictoandes. Really great photography work

  • Vadim Olya Shindy

    Check out @vadimshindy (me ;D )
    He’s a PNW based photographer, posts some awesome landscapes with interesting perspectives 🙂